As the Social Services Coordinator for the largest VA nursing home in the southeast for almost four years, I have extensive experience with the unique needs of Veterans.

I provide specific therapy for the treatment of veterans. I have seen first-hand how many veterans return home from defending our country only to face a myriad of problems. I recognize that every veteran has had a different experience and, as a result, needs a tailored approach to addressing his or her individual needs. I believe in providing excellent therapy as I partner with veterans through the process of their restoration journey. I use a collaborative approach to give veterans a voice in deciding what they choose to explore and how they would like to approach counseling. I provide therapy to veterans who are suffering from PTSD, or problems returning to civilian life.

An assessment/evaluation is conducted through a one-on-one appointment. The veteran will be able to tell their story and the therapist will ask a series of questions to get a full picture of what is going on. We take into consideration biological, psychological, and social factors that may be contributing to their mental health concerns. The assessment enables me to develop a specific treatment plan tailored to the veteran’s needs.

Individual Therapy provides a space to explore the many experiences and stressors that veterans are forced to manage on a daily basis. It’s a place where they can be open and vulnerable about their stress, and learn new tools and skills to manage the challenges. Rather than feeling distracted, our goal is help them live their lives centered and fully present.