What Can Therapy Do For You?

With every non-judgemental and helpful therapy session in Atlanta, GA you can expect: 

  • Active Listening & Understanding
  • Patience, Empathy, & Kindness
  • Personalized Plans
  • Evidence-Based Solutions
  • Flexible Scheduling Online


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Investing in professional counseling is a healthy way to deal with whatever challenges you’re facing. As a mental health counselor with over 15 years of medical and reproductive therapy experience, Melissa’s counseling services are built on a strong foundation of empathy, expertise, and solution-oriented goals. Her goal is to provide a lifetime of mental wellbeing, and focuses on creating a welcoming atmosphere where you can openly share and learn healthy coping techniques.

Many traditional counseling services in Atlanta are centered on reactive problem-solving. Instead of managing surface-level anxiety, depression, or trauma, Melissa takes counseling to a deeper level. Since she specializes in medical and reproductive therapy, she understands the complex emotions that accompany these trying situations. Even if your mental health concerns are new, that doesn’t mean that your issues are any less serious. By taking the time to truly understand your values, goals, and passions in life, she can tap into the root of your issues and create a highly personalized plan specific to your needs.

Melissa Specializes In:

therapist atlanta

A Therapist That Cares About Your Wellbeing

When you have the respect, understanding, and empathy you deserve, new doors are opened. Instead of dealing with the hardest moments of your life alone, you can feel confident that Melissa is a therapist that will provide an anchor in your time of need. She will never judge or criticize you because of your struggles; she will listen to you with genuine courtesy and offer solutions that you can easily implement into your daily routine. 

As a therapist with in-depth experience in the healthcare and reproductive areas, she is well versed in sensitive subjects. Fertility, chronic illness, pregnancy, and LGBTQ issues can be tough to talk about, but Melissa’s gentle and solution-oriented approach makes it easier to address these concerns. Her ultimate goal as a therapist is to improve your quality of life, and once you learn some of the valuable coping strategies she offers, achieving a balanced and brighter outlook in Atlanta is possible. 

Finding a mental health counselor in Atlanta that takes the time to understand your specific needs can be a challenge. Melissa hopes to simplify your search for a reliable therapist in Marietta, GA, and Atlanta by offering complete therapist services online. She offers flexible scheduling and will do her best to provide you with guidance whenever it’s most convenient for you. 

Easily Access One of the Best Therapists in Atlanta

With all of her personalized therapy services, you can expect to be treated with respect, courtesy, and a commitment to understanding your needs on a deeper level. Whatever tough life circumstances you’re dealing with, it’s never too late to seek help. If you or a loved one could benefit from a personalized counseling session and  you’d like to schedule, contact Melissa to learn more about her balanced therapy solutions today!