For women with pre, perinatal, & postpartum concerns, Melissa provides support & a place to process their feelings.

Preconception Counseling

If you are contemplating pregnancy, this is the best time to be your best physical and emotional self.  You and Melissa can work on stress-management, relaxation techniques, and address questions pertaining to mood state.


For some women, pregnancy can illicit conflicting and unexpected emotions, this can be isolating, confusing, and upsetting.  Seeking support to help manage those emotions earlier can mitigate chances of post-partum issues.


After having a baby there is the expectation one should be overcome with love and joy for this little being…this is not always the case.  When your feelings differ from your expectations, it can be alarming, upsetting, confusing, shaming, and isolating.  You can experience intrusive thoughts, depressed mood or anxiety, excessive worry about the baby, and disconnection.  Therapy can help and Melissa can work with you by identifying what is going on and working with you to feel like yourself again.