Receive support and feedback in between sessions with message based therapy. This mode of therapy functions well as a complement to video or in person sessions. If you decide to utilize the message based therapy package, you will be required to attend a video session every 4-6 weeks. Message based therapy is ideal for a client who is in the maintenance stage of therapy. In other words, you cannot currently be in crisis or at a heightened state of distress to engage in the message based therapy package. If a crisis does occur, you must agree to increase your video session attendance to weekly or bi-weekly (depending on the severity of the distress), until the crisis has resolved.

Messaging will be conducted through a secure, HIPAA compliant messaging system within the practice’s EHR platform. You may message Melissa up to 15 times per month and she will respond within 24 hours (on business days).

Message based therapy can’t be a stand alone service, so you’ll both need to be diligent in assessing your therapeutic needs along the way and build trust in your therapeutic relationship, to make adjustments to your therapy schedule as needed. That being said Counseling with Melissa is so excited to offer this service, with today’s technology and security standards. Imagine being able to quickly check in with your therapist on a daily life stressor or event, receive a prompt response, and stay on track for making the life changes you have worked on in therapy.

The cost for the message based therapy package is $385 per month, which includes your required video session, at a discount. Melissa is happy to answer any questions you may have about this new service. Call today to see if you’d be a fit for message based therapy!