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Why Group?

Group therapy can take many forms. Whatever form it takes, you will benefit from the healing power that comes from a group of people gathering together.

Is Group Therapy Enough?

Some people attend a therapy group in addition to individual therapy. We find that, especially with our DBT skills groups, this is a necessary combo. You get the skills information and group dynamics support from the group space while getting more individualized care and a space to process in individual therapy. However, depending on what you are seeking treatment for, group or individual therapy may be enough on its own. If you are stalled in individual therapy and need a ‘jump start,’ then a process-type group could be a good option. If you are on a waitlist for a specific individual provider and need support sooner, a support or process group could be a great holding space for you until you can start individual treatment. The possibilities are endless.

If you’ve been curious about therapy groups, or have been in therapy for a long time and you’re not seeing the results that you’d like to see, groups may be the solution.

How the Groups Work

We run a number of groups concurrently depending on the needs of our clients. These sessions are weekly or every other week and generally run for 8 – 25 weeks. Each group is small, with only up to 8 participants.

Using a combination of sharing, learning, and skill building you can move through and find a way to live your life fully.

Group therapy reminds you that you aren’t alone, and you don’t have to heal and grow alone.

Join a current therapy group . . .

Living with Chronic Illness Therapy Group

Are you interested in learning how to stop struggling with your Chronic Illness & live a meaningful life? Have you felt isolated, & do you want to connect with others in a community of support? This is a weekly online therapy group for people that want to share their experiences & gain support, designed to empower you with the skills to successfully meet the challenges that accompany living with a chronic illness.

  • A no judgment zone to express & receive support dealing with what is sometimes invisible.
  • It is a forward focused, positive group for the challenges of Chronic Illness, so you can live more fully.
  • You will learn cutting-edge skills that have helped many live full & meaningful lives while managing their health challenges.
  • Key areas addressed: the effect on your mind, body & spirit, the purpose of emotions, irrational vs. rational thinking, acceptance & how to get there, being present in life’s moments, reconciling the past & facing the future, applying these strategies to real life.
  • All adults, regardless of diagnosis, ethnicity, sexual identity/orientation, or spirituality are welcome.


group therapy athens ga

Postpartum Therapy Group

group therapy athens ga

“Am I a bad Mom?” Motherhood is beautiful…but adjusting can be overwhelming. For new moms who are struggling with postpartum anxiety or depression. A non-judgmental & safe space (messy buns, coffee & babies all welcome!) for moms with babies under 2yo to process & learn to better manage their sometimes unbearable & overwhelming thoughts & feelings, to find comfort & build community. Discussions: Myths & facts about postpartum emotions, self-care, best tactics & real issues, because the joy from the birth of a baby can trigger powerful emotions including mood swings, crying spells, depression, anxiety, & difficulty sleeping. But, you don’t have to walk the journey of motherhood alone.

ADHD Therapy Group

Therapy for mastering your Adult ADHD through a cognitive-behavioral treatment program targeting executive dysfunction

group therapy athens ga
Group therapy

Women's Interpersonal Process Group

Why are my relationships continually disappointing & unsatisfying?

Relationship patterns often develop early in our lives and continue to repeat themselves until we pause to notice what drives those patterns & uncover ways to shift them. This way of relating may have kept you safe in childhood but is no longer serving you as an adult. In this process group, you will be able to identify relational strengths, build on them, relational challenges & heal them.

Living with Loss Therapy Group

Individuals grieving the death of someone important to them.
• Understand how grief effects the brain and body.
• Share your experience with others who “get it.”
• Learn mindfulness skills to increase resilience and coping.

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