Your heart sinks every time your phone rings.

Taking care of an ill or frail family member is a hard job wherever you do it—at home, in a hospital, in a rehab unit, or in a long-term nursing home. Your first experience of caregiving may follow a crisis, such as a stroke or hip fracture, or it may be a slow process as your family member gradually declines. . But the reality is that “taking care” in today’s complicated health care world goes far beyond what any family member had to do in the past. I provide support and guidance to family caregivers struggling with the serious illness of their loved one.

The sandwich generation feels overwhelming.

Sandwiches are good, right? Satisfying and firm exterior, with a delicious and rewarding interior.  Instead you’re stuck in the middle, being pulled in opposite directions with no idea how to hold it all together. 

Do you often:

  • Tell yourself you can’t do anything well?
  • Feel guilty that you can’t do it all?
  • Stress and worry about your loved one?
  • Think you’re not doing enough?
  • Forget important commitments and events?
  • Wonder how you can be in 3 or more places at once?

Once upon a time, you could hold all the balls in the air, now they’re pounding down like rain in a thunderstorm.

Melissa can help.  Together you and Melissa will tackle the practical pieces of helping a loved one with cancer or medical needs, senior living, and lessen the emotional weight of your responsibilities giving you the freedom to enjoy and thrive in this stage of life.

Concierge Therapist-Athens GA

For people who prefer in person therapy, but because of their caregiving responsibilities are unable to come to the office or are practicing social distancing, Melissa can provide support and guidance in the comfort of your home. This service is for people who choose not to rely on insurance in exchange for the luxury of having counseling services in the setting of their choosing. Call now for details and a FREE 30 minute consultation.