Anxiety Isn't A Life Sentence

Are you outwardly successful but feeling anxious all the time?

Beyond just talking about what is bothering you, learn effective skills for coping with what life throws at you. Lower your anxiety and increase your resilience.

Neurofeedback and SSP may be the key to your ease.

No more simply talking about what isn’t working in your life – Learn how neuroscience can improve your wellbeing.

Melissa offers online, and in person sessions


Feel better in less time than you think

Many people fear that therapy takes too long. How can talking about my problems help? If you are just talking about them, you are right – it may take a long time to feel better. With some education about how the brain works under stress, how past events show up in your body, and how to use science to regulate your body’s sensations, you can learn to cope with stressful events with confidence and live the kind of life you want. It doesn’t take as long as you might think.

Safe, Supportive, Collaborative Therapy

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