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Therapist in Brunswick & St. Simons Island, GA-Offering A Wide Range of Therapy Services for GA Residents

NOT WAVING, BUT DROWNING? JUST SURVIVING? IS THE THOUGHT OF THE PAIN OF THE SAME WORSE THAN THE PAIN OF CHANGE? IT’S TIME TO START YOUR JOURNEY . . . to pursue a life worth living. Melissa loves to work with a client who is ready & willing to identify their true self, seeking liberation from their past, present, or future. Life can feel overwhelming & complicated but successfully combating challenges doesn’t have to be. Do you want your life, relationships & challenges to be simplified? Melissa begins therapy with the destination in mind & desire to help you learn tools that help you in your current challenge as well as down the road! Melissa loves most walking alongside brave journeyers, ready to face both their shadow & light.


Life is filled with obstacles, unexpected changes, and can feel overwhelming at times. When life seems to pull you from every direction, finding a compassionate ally can be a great way to navigate the hurdles and discover how to approach and manage issues with clarity. With over 15 years of experience helping clients journey through chronic or terminal illness, fertility challenges and women’s health care in Athens, Georgia, Melissa’s approach involves active listening, empathy, and solution-oriented ideas to achieve a balance in life.  Or, perhaps you’re looking for counseling in Athens, GA to work with your psychiatrist in Athens, GA. 

If you’re feeling stuck and alone, dealing with anxiety or depression, or simply need a friendly ear to listen and provide reassurance in your time of need, Melissa’s primary goal is to aid your wellbeing. With Melissa’s personalized approach to counseling, she focuses on understanding your situation with patience and offers simple solutions so you can turn the page on this difficult chapter of life with renewed focus and realistic strategies. You have found a safe place at Counseling with Melissa in Athens, GA.

What Kinds of Therapy Services Does Counseling with Melissa in Athens GA Offer?

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For any general inquiries, please use the contact form below to send us a message and we will be in touch shortly. We are committed to your privacy, so please do not include any confidential information regarding your health.

  • Caregiver Support
  • Diabetes and Anxiety
  • Postpartum Anxiety Counseling
  • PCOS Depression
  • Chronic Illness Counseling
  • & More

Athens Therapy-We all need to feel valued, understood, and respected throughout our journey. When you partner with Melissa for caregiver support, postpartum anxiety counseling, or PCOS Depression, and chronic illness counseling, you can expect a welcoming environment free from judgment and expectation. As a therapist, once Melissa has an empathetic understanding of your unique situation, she empowers you with evidence-based treatment goals that get to the root of your issues. With effective postpartum anxiety counseling, single mothers by choice, caregiver support, cancer and depression, diabetes support groups, spoons chronic illness metaphor, and other wonderful ideas for treating depression during pregnancy, finding a way through the darkness in life is possible. 

Finding an outlet for constructively processing your feelings leads to improving the ways you care for yourself. Melissa is passionate about helping women during the most vulnerable phases of life, and specializes in counseling for pregnancy anxiety, prenatal depression, treating depression during pregnancy, and compassionately helps with a variety of other reproductive-related issues. As an infertility therapist, Melissa will create a guided care plan for individuals through difficult stages of infertility and infertility depression.

These vulnerable stages of life can lead to long-term trauma, anxiety, and depression if left untreated. When you schedule counseling for pregnancy anxiety, infertility depression, and treating depression during pregnancy in Athens, you’ll discover a proactive approach to dealing with complex emotions and issues while feeling supported and acknowledged every step of the way. 

Along with the personalized psychotherapy counseling for pregnancy anxiety and depression-related issues, Melissa’s conscientious counseling in Alpharetta, GA supports using trauma-focused CBT, diabetes support groups, addressing how to cope with chronically ill spouses, and other chronic health-related issues. With a range of helpful counseling options in GA, Melissa’s online therapy services harmonize with your goals and create lasting change. 

With chronic illness and other serious health changes, it’s normal to feel scared, depressed, or anxious. When life throws you curveballs, you must seek a therapist in Athens, GA that will take the time to understand your chronic illness needs. Whether you are living with a chronic illness or learning how to cope with a chronically ill spouse, you don’t need to face life’s toughest challenges alone. Having a caring therapist for living with chronic illness by your side often leads to renewed hope, greater resilience, and will teach you powerful coping strategies that last a lifetime. Melissa has experience working as a chronic illness therapist, working closely with those suffering from chronic illness, and provides counseling using the spoons chronic illness metaphor, and more.

Finding a therapist in Atlanta that has the experience, empathy, and willingness to truly understand your needs can be a challenge. Fortunately, with Melissa’s versatile range of options for counseling in Smyrna, GA, as a therapist in Athens, GA, the supportive guidance and solutions you need are easily accessible. It’s never too late to reach out for assistance, and with Melissa’s network of diabetes support groups, personalized reproductive services, and the most caring infertility therapist sessions in GA, you can expect to be treated with respect, kindness, and a dedication to your ongoing wellness with every session. 

Counseling with Melissa Athens GA offers immersive online therapy and provides the same in-depth solutions, empathetic understanding, and caring patience without the long commute to the office. She truly has a passion for promoting well-rounded personal care, and will always take the time to understand your situation before moving forward with any treatment goals.

Therapist Athens GA-Find a Therapist That Truly Cares for You

counseling for pregnancy anxiety ga, psychiatrist athens ga

As a caring and experienced therapist in Marietta, GA, providing counseling from Athens GA, Melissa understands the importance of developing a healthy relationship with her clients. Whether you schedule counseling services in Athens, or you need a non-judgemental therapist in Loganville, GA, her goal is to provide a comfortable and safe environment for openly sharing.

When you’re truly understood on a deeper level based on authentic empathy, you’re able to tap into the root of complex issues. Melissa’s goal isn’t to make you feel better for one session; her goal is to provide you with realistic strategies that support your wellbeing long after the sessions are over. 

Whatever issues you’re dealing with, there is always hope for renewed peace and contentment in life. Don’t hesitate to contact her to discover a path forward! Learn more about Melissa and her Canton counseling services today. 

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